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Planning for an emergency

What if you had an accident and could no longer provide care?


Many carers worry about who will look after the people they care for if something unexpectedly happens to them. This constant worry can cause stress and prevent carers from having a life of their own alongside their caring role. 

Our FREE Peace of Mind for Carers service will take away the 'what if' and replace it with the reassurance and confidence that the person you care for will be supported if an emergency occurs.

How does Peace of Mind for Carers work?

We will work with you to put a plan together. The plan will be kept on a confidential database ready to be put into action at any time - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

What goes in the plan?

The plan will include information about you and the person needing care. This include details about the support that is required such as information about particular illnesses, where medication is kept, details of their GP, aids and adaptions about the house, a timetable that indicates what happens at certain times of the day.


The contact details of friends, family and neighbours will also be included in case they need to be contacted in case of emergency.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is classed as:

  • You being rushed into hospital

  • Any incident involving the Emergency Services (ambulance, fire, police, mountain rescue, coast guard)


What happens in an emergency?

If, for some unexpected reason, you can no longer care, then you can call the emergency number. The person answering the call will have immediate access to your plan and be able to put your plan into action. They will call the nominated emergency contacts and arrangements will be made for them to support the person you care for.

In some cases, replacement care may be available from a Domiciliary Care Provider, but the team who activate your plan will discuss the situation with whoever calls to activate the plan.

Where can I find out more?

You can contact us to set up your plan or find out more about this service.

To view a copy of a Peace of Mind for Carers Plan click here.

To activate your Peace of Mind for Carers plan call 0800 840 3166

Please try and have your reference number ready when you call.

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