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Does your work bring you into contact with unpaid carers in Burnley, Pendle, Rossendale, Hyndburn or the Ribble Valley? These could be patients, a service user, employee or work colleague.


If so, you could support them and those they care for by referring them to Carers Link Lancashire.

You can refer carers directly to us by using our electronic referral form below. Alternatively, ask them to contact us direct.


Part of the role of Carers Link Lancashire is to raise awareness of carers across the community, whether it is in the private, public or voluntary sector.


We provide Carer Awareness Training to a wide variety of organisations. The training can take between 20 minutes and an hour - we tailor the presentation to your needs.  During the presentation we will help you recognise carers among your staff, clients and customers. We will also introduce some of our carers’ stories to show the often challenging issues they face, and how you can support them.


If you are interested in arranging Carer Awareness Training for your organisation (which can be classed as Continuing Professional Development), please contact us.

You can download our poster for Carers Awareness Training by clicking here.


As well as referring carers to us, you can also support us by fundraising in your organisation. For more information click here to visit our Fundraising pages.


This short film from Carers UK explains the importance of

identifying and supporting carers in the workplace.

Refer a carer

Carers Awareness Training

Supporting Carers Link Lancashire

Supporting Carers in the Workplace

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