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Adult Carers

Why register as an unpaid carer?

Caring for someone who relies on you can sometimes bring practical and emotional problems which may affect your health and wellbeing.

We understand the pressures carers can be under and would encourage you to get in touch with Carers Link Lancashire as we may be able to help. Think about these questions for a moment:

  • Do you get enough sleep?

  • Is your health affected?

  • Are you thinking about giving up work to care?

  • Do you get any time to yourself?

  • Do you worry about what would happen to the person you care for if something should happen to you?

For carers to be able to maintain a life outside of their caring responsibilities it is important that they get the help and support they need and deserve. This website has been designed for you, the carer, to access as much information as possible.

If you live in East Lancashire and are providing unpaid care for a family member or friend you can register with us, for free, either by telephoning us or using the form below. We will contact you within 7 working days and have a brief discussion about the services we provide. We will then make an appointment to speak to you in person - at your home if required - and send you a welcome pack.

Once you have registered you can use as many, or as few, of our services as you like. All our services are free and confidential and are designed with carers and their needs in mind. You will also receive a free biannual magazine to keep you up to date with support that’s available. 

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