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If you would like to make a comment about the way Carers Link Lancashire provides its services, or have any suggestions on how we could improve what we do, then please let us know.


If your complaint is about Carers Link Lancashire then we will do everything appropriate to resolve the issue in a timely manner. If your complaint is about another service or organisation then we can assist you in making that complaint - so long as it relates to your caring role.

Sometimes the same issue you may be facing is also happening to another carer elsewhere in the county of Lancashire. If we start to recognise a pattern then we contact the other Carers Services to see if they are encountering the same problems and work together to address it.


We are always happy to receive compliments and below you will find a few examples of those made by carers.

"You have been more helpful and understanding than anybody else has ever been, thank you so much for listening and for all your help and support today. I feel so much better after meeting you today" (Carer from Rossendale)

"It was lovely to meet you and chat to someone who understands what being a carer involves and what strains and pressures it can put on everyday life" (Carer from Burnley)

"The caravan was excellent, very clean and comfortable. Service from the owners’ reception was friendly and they went out of their way to be helpful. There was plenty going on for the kids and the club house and food were great. Overall had a great holiday and I felt so much better being away from home and a change of scene" (Carer from Rossendale)

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