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Carers Assessment

Need additional help and support? Then a carers assessment may be the answer.

If you are an unpaid carer of someone aged 17 years or over, you are entitled to your own Carers Assessment.


A Carers Assessment is all about you, the carer. Your carers assessment will look at the different ways in which caring affects your life and how you can carry on doing the things that are important to you and your family. Your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will be at the heart of your assessment. It will also consider other important issues, such as whether you are willing and able to carry on caring, whether you work or want to work or access training or education, and whether you want to do more socially.  ​The assessment can take place face to face, on the telephone, in your own home, at a clinic or other community setting. Because the assessment is personalised to you and your needs, the length of time an assessment can take may vary.


The assessment isn’t a test - it’s an opportunity to discuss with us the support or services you need. It has nothing to do with your finances, although the Assessment may highlight that you need support with benefits and we would put you in touch with the relevant organisation to help you with this.


Once an assessment has been completed we look at how we can assist you to achieve or work towards the outcomes identified. This could be via services that we provide, support from services in the community or support from Lancashire County Council.  If your needs cannot be met using these services, you may be entitled to a Carers Personal Budget.

Each year we will review your Carers Assessment.  As a result of reviewing your Carers Assessment you may be eligible once again for a budget. If your needs have increased you may be entitled to more money. Similarly if your needs have decreased you may be entitled to less.


If your circumstances have changed substantially and the impact on your health and wellbeing has increased we may arrange an appointment for you to have a re-assessment so that we can see what additional support you may need. 

To learn more about what a Carers Assessment entails, click here.

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If you are a professional completing a referral on behalf of a carer, please fill in a separate form here:
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