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What can you do?


There are many ways you can get involved in fundraising for Carers Link Lancashire. You might have your own challenge in mind, or you may wish to get involved in one of the many organised fundraising events we put on each year.

For sponsored activities, such as a marathon, we are able to pay your entry fee and provide you with support and resources for your activity, so long as you agree to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship money for us.

Please remember to request our official fundraising pack, which has lots of useful information and resources. Using our sponsorship form also means we are able to claim gift aid on all donations.

If you have any ideas for other fundraising events, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can support you.

If you are interested in completing a sponsored activity, or to donate money raised from a sponsored event please contact us on 01254 387444 or

Photo of a young carer

Money raised can help support us in the following ways:

  • £5.00 will pay for a carer to attend an activity to give them a break and the chance to be themselves, without the responsibility of caring, for a couple of hours

  • £10.00 will pay for 2 subsidised complementary therapies with a qualified therapist

  • £15.00 will pay for a carer looking after a loved one with Dementia to attend our Understanding Dementia Course  to receive essential information to help them in their caring role

  • £20.00 can provide a carer in need with an emergency plan so someone is there to care if the carer is in an emergency

  • £50.00 will pay for one of our staff to provide Carer Awareness Training to professionals, charities, groups and businesses to help them better identify and support unpaid carers

  • £80.00 will pay for our carers to spend a subsidised night in our modern caravan at Lakeland Haven in the Lake District, for a well deserved break from their caring role


If you would like to make a one-off donation please contact our Fundraising Team on 01254 387444 or email them at

Friends of Carers Link Lancashire

We are looking for committed and friendly people to become ‘Friends of Carers Link Lancashire’ and help us to organise and run fundraising events, such as bag packs and family fun days. No experience is necessary and you can either join as an ambassador and run fundraising sub-groups, or just be an extra pair of hands at events.

We offer all the training and support that is needed, plus a reference for your CV! If you are interested, please Contact Us.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is an income tax relief designed to benefit charities. If a person donating money to Carers Link Lancashire is a UK taxpayer, we can claim an additional 25% at no extra cost to them.


That means for every £1 donated, we actually receive £1.25. This may sound small but it all adds up! For example if we receive donations totalling £1000 from a fundraising event, if everyone makes a Gift Aid declaration, we will receive an extra £250. That’s enough for us to take 30 unpaid carers on a day trip!


In order to claim Gift Aid we need the person donating to tell us they want to add Gift Aid and provide their house number and postcode as a minimum. It’s that simple, and can massively increase the income of the charity.


If the donation is made through JustGiving, then you will be asked to tick a box to include Gift Aid.


Most donations will qualify for Gift Aid as long as they are not more than four times what you paid in tax in that tax year. More information is available here:

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Tips & tricks on how to maximise your fundraising


  • Plan effectively – Make sure you have sufficient time to get sponsored and you’re not spending all your time sorting out the details. Get in touch with us, we can help!​

  • Advertise – Maximise your use of social media to get sponsored. Start a Just Giving page to make it easy for people to donate. And please let us know about your event – we can support you via our own social media and give you tips on how to reach more people through your social media​

Photo of a young carer
  • Sell your story – tell people why you’re raising money for Carers Link Lancashire and what difference the charity makes. We can supply you with a range of resources to help with this

  • Be creative – People are often asked to give money by the way of sponsorship. Try doing something different to engage more people

  • Challenge yourself – you’ll get more money by doing something difficult. If you run a 5k every week, people won’t sponsor you to do a 5k

  • Consider the evidence – take photos or videos of your activity so people can see you’ve done what you said you will

  • Keep going - when you’ve completed your activity, keep asking for sponsorship money. Many people will still give after the event

  • Say thanks – remember your manners. People are giving from their own money, and they are much more likely to sponsor you again if you’ve kept them happy

  • Don’t do it too often – People won’t want to sponsor you every month. Get involved in other fundraising in the meantime, such as volunteering at a supermarket bag pack.



Z to A of Fundraising Ideas

There are so many ways you can get involved in raising money for Carers Link Lancashire! Get creative – the best ideas are often the wackiest! From Zumbathons to Afternoon Teas, we like to do things a little differently here at Carers Link Lancashire so here is our list of fundraising reverse alphabetic order for a change!

  • Z - zip it!, zip-wire, zumbathon

  • Y - yacht race, yogathon

  • X - X-factor show, Xbox Tournament

  • W - walk, waxing, wrapping service at Xmas, wine & cheese party, wine-tasting evening, win a day off work

  • V - valet service, variety show

  • U - unwanted present swap

  • T - talent show, teddy bears’ picnic, tennis tournament, themed event, treasure hunt, tug of war

  • S - sponsored event, sports day, swap shop, swear box, sweepstake, swimathon, supermarket collection

  • R - race night, raffle, readathon, recipe book, recycling

  • Q - quit something for a week (or forever!), quiz night

  • P - paintballing, parachute jump, party, plant sale, PlayStation tournament,

  • O - office Olympics, open challenge, open garden

  • N - night in, name that…., netball tournament, no smoking week, non uniform day

  • M - market stall, mountain climb, murder mystery night, music evening

  • L - ladies lunch, lunch run

  • K - karaoke night, knitting

  • J - jam sale, jewellery sale, jobs for sponsorship, jumble sale

  • I - ink cartridges, international evening, ironing

  • H - hat sale, head shave, home collecting box

  • G - garden party, gardening, golf day, guess the...number/weight

  • F - face painting, fancy dress, fete stall, football match, fun day, fun run

  • E - easter egg hunt, ebay, exhibition

  • D - darts tournament, diet, disco, dog walking, dress down day

  • C - competitions, car boot sale, car wash, Christmas card sales, Christmas jumper day, coffee morning, collections, concert

  • B - baby competition, babysitting, bake off, battle of the bands, bbq, bingo, birthday donations, book sale, bridge evening, bring and buy sale, bungee jump

  • A - abseil, afternoon tea, anniversary donations, art exhibition, auction


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