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We provide Carers Assessments on behalf of Lancashire County Council to help carers record the impact caring has on your life and what support or services you might need.

You can click the link below to complete your own Carers Assessment if you are caring for someone over the age of 18.


By completing this you are consenting to us recording the information on Lancashire County Council’s Adult System.


Following submission, a Carers Assessment & Support Officer from Carers Link Lancashire will call you for any further information we need and to explain what happens next.

Access the Carers Assessment form below:

Carers Assessments - Self Assess

If you are a professional completing a referral on behalf of a carer, please fill in a separate form here:

You can read our Privacy Policy for information on how we collect and use personal information about you.

If you have any questions or would prefer to complete your Carers Assessment with a Carers Assessment & Support Officer from Carers Link Lancashire, please contact us.

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