Carers Week 2022 Highlights

Making a Dementia Memory Box Workshop

We had a lovely time in our sunny community garden making beautiful Memory Boxes with Diane and Pauline from Pendle Crafters. 

Dementia 1.jpg
Dementia 3.jpg
Dementia 2.jpg

Wellness @ The Clinic in Nelson

It is so important for Carers to take care of their own health, even if they are busy looking after someone else's health. With this in mind as part of our Carers Week activities we organised a Carers Wellbeing Day working in partnership with the Wellness At The Clinic in Nelson.

Carers were able to enjoy a range of treatments including massages, manicures, pedicures, dry cupping and a range of group sessions, followed by some amazing food!

"I didn't realise how many knots I had in my shoulders. I feel like my anxieties have been released. Thank you for a wonderful day" 

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Wellness Image 8.jpg
Wellness Image 6.jpg

A Day at Harwes Farm in Colne


We have had a beautiful trip to Harwes Farm in Colne. We breathed in some fresh farm air, tended to the animals, wandered through the forest and enjoyed some toasted marshmallows around the camp fire.

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Carers Celebration Day

We had a great time at our Carers Celebration Day. The BBQ was fired up, the drumming circle was in full swing there was lots of happy glitter and painted faces. 

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